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72 Untold: Malice At The Palace

August 25, 2021
On this episode Ric & Mat discuss the Netflix documentary;
“Untold: Malice At The Palace"
A brawl broke out near the end of a Basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons on November 19, 2004. Nearly 17 years later, this documentary re-examine that night and all the consequences that came from it.
We enter into Rics "could have been a contender" wheel house. He geeks out and we mean proper goes for it. Basketballs loss is Comedy's gain. 
Mat loves a Sports doc but does he love this one?
The Malcolm Gladwell reference is not a book but his brilliant podcast Revisionist history https://www.pushkin.fm/show/revisionist-history
*** As always each episode contains passion, anger,  intelligence, opinions, humility and tall people lots & lots of tall people ***


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