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51 You Cannot Kill David Arquette

March 31, 2021
On this episode Ric & Mat dissect the documentary;
“You Cannot Kill David Arquette"
It's about the actor David Arquette who decides at the age of 47 to become a wrestler. Funny, engaging and hopeful.
Mat became a wrestling fan late in life [Episode 4 Wrestling with Shadows to be precise] and this is part of his knowledge update. Could Mat take up this noble craft and become a wrestler?
We also hear Ric geek out on what would be his "Mastermind specialist chosen subject"
*** As always each episode contains passion, danger, wrestling, intelligence, spoilers, jokes, laughter & fluorescent lighting tubes, lots of fluorescent lighting tubes ***
Episode notes;
The podcast Ric mentions constantly is the brilliant;
"The Wrestling Review" with the incredibly funny and talented John Hastings & Dylan Gott.
The book Mat geeked out on was "The Death of WCW by Bryan Alvarez"
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