Discussing Documentaries

32 Diego Maradona

December 9, 2020

On this episode Ric & Mat have their first studio guest, Comedian and Podcaster Mr. Dave Bailey. All three will dissect the documentary; 

“Diego Maradona"

Which goes into detail about the life of the greatest footballer of all time*.

Mat is the lucky Pierre on this Podcast.

Ric explains his theory on how the "Hand Of God" was possible and the guest has a pop at Ric's hero. 


*** As always each episode contains passion, intelligence, spoilers, jokes and laughter ***


Dave Bailey's excellent Podcast can be found here;


Follow Dave on Twitter @DaveBaileyComic



Sadly, there were a few Microphone issues so please excuse the quality on some parts.

It's still very much worth a listen and has been one of our funniest episodes to date.



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